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When does music just sound TOO SLOW?

Around the world, there are people spending huge amounts of time trying to save time for the rest of us, by SPEEDING UP certain tracks and putting them online.

Find out why, here.

Quick! Listen now:

Faster! Faster! - Steve Urquhart
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or listen / download via Soundcloud:


This feature is the sequel to 45s at 33 - produced with ABC Radio National.

The average length of a pop song is now three and a half minutes – that’s a whole minute longer than it used to be.

But when is a song TOO long? And what’s to be done about it?

The answer, according to some music fans, is simple. Increase the tempo. Perhaps increase the pitch too. Upload. Share. Problem solved!

Who are these people, and why do they spend so much time doing this?


Jon is a London-based IT specialist. He insists many classic songs sound better 15 Percent Faster – often because artists tend to “slow down” when they get older, or go solo.


Danika is a college student in Seattle. Her efforts to give newer tracks “a more upbeat sound” are appreciated by three million subscribers to her YouTube channel, Nightcore Reality.

In Faster! Faster! – the sequel to 45s at 33 – Steve Urquhart asks Jon and Danika to explain what they're doing, and why...

...he asks a couple of buskers – Ross and Kevin – why the songs they’re playing seem to be quicker than the original versions...

...he meets a man who spends 27 minutes visiting the toilet…

...and he dares to wonder if The Beatles might be overrated…

Kevin & Ross 01.jpg

Special thanks to Jesse Cox of ABC Radio National's Creative & Digital Audio Unit... go and listen to This Is About, here.

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