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Hello. Thanks for visiting.


I've been producing radio / audio for thirty years.

I've made features and series for BBC (Radio 4, Radio 3, World Service, Radio Scotland), KCRW’s Unfictional, Radiotonic / Soundproof (ABC Australia), National Prison Radio, In The Dark, On The Record CIC, The Wire magazine, Resonance FM, and many more.

I'm proud to be a Multitrack ambassador, and to work with audio companies who've signed the Equality In Audio Pact.


I'm a sound artist and composer.

I've created audio installations, soundscapes and written music for the Science Museum (London), the Foundling Museum, National Library of Scotland, b-side arts festival, Radiophrenia, BBC Studios, and others.


I'm also a voice artist, and continuity announcer for radio and TV - BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 4 Extra, BBC One Scotland.

(If you're after transcripts of my radio documentaries and features, follow this link.)

(If you're looking for A Love Letter to AM, it's here.)

(If you're only here for Seven Babies, go straight to this page.)

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